Pinstripe Stacy Adam Suit

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Stacy Adams Suits hearken back to the day when men never went out in public without being well dressed because that was a way of showing who you are. There was no wearing jeans and t-shirt because those were work clothes. If you wanted to show that you had class or style you wore a nice suit, dress shoes and a dress hat. Stacy Adams suits keep this outlook alive and well.

If you know men’s suit fashions, then you know about Stacy Adams Velvet Suits. Stacy Adams men’s velvet suits are made with the latest fabrics and styles using old-fashioned hand finishing. You can’t go wrong adding this kind of style to your fashion wardrobe.This four button Stacy Adams single-breasted black velvet dress suit comes with a silver paisley velvet vest and solid black pleated velvet pants that are lined to the knee.

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